Waiting Room

At the doctor’s office today. Miss L blending in well with the decor.



My Morning Drive


Anita Celebrates 50 Years | Seattle Event Photographer

It’s said that the best wines and cheeses are aged.  If this party was any indication, I’d say the same thing is true for Anita.  This room was full of family, fellow flight attendants, homemade wine, and an air of don’t-stop-until-the-sun-comes-up.  I arrived after the dancing had already commenced and was immediately swept onto the dance floor as if I’d been partying with them since it began.  It was truly a celebration of a fine 50 years!


Andy & Betty’s 50th | Woodland Anniversary Photographer

50 years of marriage.  What an incredible milestone!  Congratulations and thank you for being such joy-filled examples to those of us much behind you in married years.  It was an incredible honor to be a part of this day.


Baby B | Bellingham Children’s Photographer

This little guy was as hammy as they come!  A big personality for a meager 3 months old.  And, I think his curly hair is pretty dang sweet.

Bubble Ice Crystals

The other day the kids and I were outside playing in the snow and one of them came to me with their bubble wand.  Not thinking that winter and bubbles actually went together, I hesitated, but then thought the contrast might be neat.  After approximately two minutes of enjoying bubbles on snow, the show froze up.  Literally.  Slush started forming in the container and as I pulled the wand out, ice crystals began to form in the bubble solution and rapidly took over the entire surface.  Bubble blowing was no longer a possibility.  But, it made for a lovely science lesson.

My GIrl…

She’s a lovely one; inside and out.  And I am smitten!

She was feeling a bit under the weather the other day and found herself wrapped in our cozy cream blanket snuggling on the couch.  Out the window was the soft backdrop of a winter’s day.  She clung to the blanket as I coaxed her from her warm nest and perched her on a chair next to the railing.  I snapped a few photos of her gazing out and then she turned to look at me, hopeful to head back inside.

A Few of My Favorite Things

It’s a rarity when you get to enjoy two of your favorite things at once.  I love taking photos… and I love this family.  It was a splendid afternoon!

Pretzel Maker Tych Panel

I’m in the process of ironing out the inconsistencies between my blog and website.  There are a few things that really bug me and I’m in various stages of finding answers.  One of the answers seems to have made an appearance recently and this post is the debut.

This blog’s current photo gallery is really lacking.  Photos should be displayed in a manner that showcases them as a story, not a microfiche.  As of yet, I’ve not run into a WordPress blog template that displays multiple images they way I’d like.  So… after hours of scouring forums and asking some seasoned pros, I’ve come across one that I think will work nicely.  If you’re interested in a blog layout of this sort, check out Tych Panel by R. Trost.

Mark & Julie – Bellingham, WA

The dedication and support for this couple was overwhelming.  From a friend’s boat escort across the bay to the balcony lined with cheering welcomers, Mark and Julie were showered with love as only seen in movies.  It was an honor to play a role in their day.