Andy & Betty’s 50th | Woodland Anniversary Photographer

50 years of marriage.  What an incredible milestone!  Congratulations and thank you for being such joy-filled examples to those of us much behind you in married years.  It was an incredible honor to be a part of this day.



5 thoughts on “Andy & Betty’s 50th | Woodland Anniversary Photographer

  1. How lovely. It’s hard for me to imagine, at this stage of life, creating such a tribe of offspring. Maybe one day there will be daughters-in-law and grandchildren. What would that be like?

  2. Such a wonderful job on the pictures….the entire event was amazing. Congratulations to such a loved couple! Glad I was able to be there to witness so much love ❤

  3. Wonderful job, Megan! Thanks for capturing the beauty of the love shared during my parent’s celebration. I always say that photos are priceless!

  4. Hoooooly Moses Meg. This album is AMAZING! I love it- love everything about it. Wow what a beautiful ceremony to honor such a solid, long-standing love. Really beautiful.

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